ACT scientists are involved in numerous initiatives which bring our cutting-edge research to those outside of the collaboration and the general public. Below is a sample of places where ACTers can be found spreading the cosmological word.


The ARTacama Project is a one of a kind project which bridges art and science. ARTacama is a wonderful display of the results which are achievable when a world-class cosmology research program is blended with the visual arts.

Art is about more than words! Check out the some great pictures here and here.

We’re not the only ones excited about the ARTacama project. Check out this flattering review in The Essential Edge.


Understanding the history of the universe is perhaps the most exciting endeavor humans have taken up. However, wrapping your head around the big bang and everything that followed can be quite a daunting proposal. Don’t fear, our scientists are here to help! Check out the videos below for an introduction to the wonderful field of Cosmology and the role of ACT in this field.

In this short TED Ed video Renee Hlozek gives a fun and approachable introduction to the history and possible future of the universe.

In this longer video Alessandro Schillaci gives a thorough overview of the field of Cosmology and the role that ACTPol is playing to advance the field. As an added bonus, this video is in Italian.


Additional Cosmology Resources from non-ACTers

We aren’t the only ones who think Cosmology is a fascinating subject. Check out the links below for some great descriptions of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the radiation being detected by ACT.

ACTPol Data Science School

The ACTPol collaboration held its first Data Science School August 28-29, 2016. The school was attended by 24 young-career cosmologists from seven different institutions. Participant feedback indicates that the school was quite successful. For a full  description of the scope and outcome of the school, please see the report submitted to NSF found at this link

The second session of the school we be held during the summer of 2017. Please check back in the near future for more details about the school.